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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 19, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. new overnight for our viewers in the west superbug scare. nearly 200 people exposed to a potentially deadly bug at ucla medical center. being warned right now that the very latest as we come on the air. happening now, record-breaking cold. that dangerous bitter blast straight from siberia sending temperatures plunging this morning, the lowest in two decades. wind chills more than 30 below. 27 states from north dakota to florida on alert. niagara falls frozen over. the cold and snow blamed for dozens of roof collapses, and a new storm on the way. i never saw some of the warning signs. >> breaking her silence, nascar superstar kurt busch's ex opening up for the first time telling her side of the story
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after getting a restraining order against racing's outlaw. what she says about claims of being a government assassin, only on "gma" this morning. the driver was armed with a blue steel handgun, six dogs are in the van. >> and dognapped. these six pooches stolen at gunpoint swiped in a doggie day care van. the desperate search right now for them and the men that stole them. and good morning, america. to our viewers in the west. we want to begin with that developing story in los angeles. the health scare at ucla meld call center where seven people have been infected with the potentially deadly superbug. 200 more at risk. sececilia vega has the latest. >> reporter: george, good
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morning to you. this superbug is extremely dangerous and it can be deadly. already linked two deaths here at this hospital. the cdc said they don't want to see it spread anywhere in this community. this morning, nearly 180 patients treated at ucla's ronald reagan medical center warned they may have been exposed to a potentially deadly bacteria. >> it's a very potent virulent organism that can cause, you know, death. >> reporter: in a statement overnight the hospital revealing seven patients have tested positive so far and they say an internal investigation found the outbreak may have been a contributing factor in two deaths. the drug-resistant superbug known as cre likely transmitted to patients by contaminated medical scopes. >> if it's not cleaned out, quote/unquote cleaned out appropriately, then it can spread from one person to another. >> reporter: ucla saying it g to the manufacturer. but that it is now using a decontamination process that goes above and beyond the manufacturer and national
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standards. the new fear, more confirmed cases of a bacteria that by some estimates can kill half of those infected. a similar outbreak from contaminated medical scopes infected more than 30 people in seattle from 2012 to 2014. other confirmed superbug cases in cities like pittsburgh and chicago. in los angeles, federal, state and local health officials are now investigating sending out warning letters to those potentially at risk. those letters offering patients a free at-home testing kit to determine whether they are infected. these patients who are at risk whould have this procedure done between october and january, george. so many questions out here this morning about how this could have happened. and let's get answers from dr. richard besser, thanks, cecilia, very much. you know, rich, you hear this word superbug, sounds so scary. what do we need to know? >> it is very concerning. this isn't the first outbreak that's linked to a scope. cre is one of the worst bugs that we know about because
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you're almost running out of antibiotics but a couple points people need to know. many people can have this in their body and it won't cause any problem. but you need to identify those people, one, because they could get infected but also if they come into the hospital, and most of these people are in the hospital a lot, you have to use strict contact precautions so they don't spread it to other people. >> i was so surprised to see that these scopes can transmit even though they're sterilized. >> one of the things about it as they've looked in many of these outbreaks they can't find a breakdown in any of those cleaning procedures so there's something going on here, whether they have to change the procedures or not, but there's a reason that scopes are spreading this in hospitals. >> meanwhile, you got very positive news overnight on breast cancer, the treatment for breast cancer. >> yes, so this is very exciting news. one in five women with breast cancer have a type that's called her2-positive, very aggressive. what they found is, in treating women who have this cancer that is spread in their body adding one drug can extend their life by more than a year, to about
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five years, and with that very few additional side effects. >> and this could have potential for getting cancers earlier, as well. >> yeah, what they're finding is that if you can understand why a cell becomes cancerous and target that, you can come up with treatments like this that improve the outcome, improve lives and have far fewer side effects than many of the treatments we're using. >> love that encouraging news. rich besser, thanks very much. now to record-breaking cold in the east. temperatures more than 30 degrees below zero in some places. take a look at this incredible picture. imprint of the jeep after the driver pulls away. just a sampling of how cold it is. our extreme team covering it all. let's start with you. >> reporter: 15 here. wind chill zero and this is almost 15 degrees warmer than it will be tomorrow. the core of that cold air is sinking south and east. wind chill advisories all of the way to south florida.
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record possibles in key west. it's not just the northern plains anymore. chicago, this morning, feels like 28 below. st. louis, 10 below. little rock 12. 6, nashville. so many records to be broken and then tomorrow morning, it sinks even farther south and east. the wind chill in miami will be just above freezing. it has happened before. it doesn't happen often. 28 will be tampa then for the northeast, records can break from d.c. to philadelphia. right now, all of that cold air has settled in in the mid-south and that's where we find our matt gutman this morning. >> reporter: that's right, ginger. pretty cold. this thermometer tells part of the story. the steam coming off tells the rest of the story. dangerous
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in the northeast. including this shopping plaza. >> i don't think had any warning. >> reporter: five people pummelled by snow buried chest high. >> i just saw people buried in the snow. two of them transported to the hospital. >> i moved my head so i could scream for help. there was other people. two other guys were screaming for help too. >> reporter: high winds and white-out conditions changed multiple chain-reaction crashes. black ice blamed for a series of pileups. >> the salt mix is going to be off the table. >> reporter: kentucky i-65. this may look clear, but there may be rough patches. >> here and there, yeah. >> reporter: lake michigan frozen. the delaware river so choked with ice the coast guard had to
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deploy an ice-breaker. that arctic cold piercing deep into the south. that nashville, it was cold enough for ice hockey on the streets. in these conditions frostbite can set in in just minutes. the problem is it's only going to get colder here. this miami boy takes it very seriously. i have about seven layers on -- one, two, three, four -- you get the picture. george. >> you can stop right there and put that glove back on. cold keeping kids home from school and we're going to go to abc's alex perez in chicago. good morning, alex. >> reporter: hey, good morning, george. it's so cold parts of lake michigan freezing over. the waves creating these huge ice boulders. now, for the fourth time this season chicago public schools and a number of midwest school districts have canceled classes today because of the bitter cold. here in chicago we will struggle
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to get out of the single digits today and the feel-like temperature will be hovering around 20 below zero. of course, authorities taking no chances, warming centers are open for those who need help escaping the cold and authorities say, if you don't need to be outside today, stay inside. it's simply too dangerous. lara. >> alex, you get inside. thank you so much. we do want to go now to upstate new york and an incredible image for you this morning. niagara falls nearly frozen over creating a spectacle of snow and ice and gio benitez is there for us this morning. and good morning to you, gio. >> reporter: lara, good morning to you. you know, this is the first time i've seen the niagara falls in person and i got to say, this is a spectacular sight. there happens to be a lot of mist right now, because the temperature here, it feels like 17 below zero right now. let's see if we can get the camera to come over here. and you can see the niagara river and you can see all of this ice piled up there. the falls itself, over there,
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you can see those powerful falls, those aren't going to freeze over because there is so much water. that powerful water coming up from lake erie. this ice building up because that ice is just falling off from that lake. over here, if we can just zoom in real quick, there we go, the mist has come off. you can see those frozen icicles there in the distance, at the niagara falls, and we have a photo right now of what this looked like yesterday. really, really incredible images here at niagara falls, lara. >> gio, i can tell it's hard to talk it's that cold. get inside. we thank you for those images. >> ginger will have more later. now to politics. jeb bush slowly starting to build his case to be president making his first big foreign policy speech wednesday. abc's jon karl is at the white house and, jon, the one thing jeb wanted to make very clear he loves his father, his brother and he even said he loves his mother but he is his own man. >> reporter: indeed, and, you know, being part of a political dynasty that's already produced two presidents has obvious advantages but jeb bush wants people to know he is not just another bush.
7:11 am
his brother was president. his father too. and if jeb bush runs and wins, we'd have three straight republican presidents named bush. so when it comes to family, jeb bush wants to make one thing perfectly clear. >> look, just for the record one more time i love my brother, i love my dad, actually love my mother as well. i hope that's okay. [ laughter ] and i admire their service to the nation and the difficult decisions that they had to make. but i'm my own man. >> reporter: to make that clear bush acknowledged that his brother, who left office with some of the lowest approval ratings of any president, got some things wrong. >> there were mistakes made in iraq for sure. >> reporter: but it's not that clear-cut. just five years ago, before he was thinking about running himself, jeb bush declared he would support his brother, quote, till death do us part. >> i'm the only republican that was in office when he was in office as president that never disagreed with him and i'm not going to start now.
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>> reporter: and even now bush has released a list of 21 of his foreign policy advisers, all but two of them worked for either his brother or his father. there's one place where jeb bush is more than happy to plan on the family name, and that is fund-raising, he's tapping into the bush family fund-raising network with great effect. in fact, lara, i expect that he will raise more money in the coming months than all of the other republican presidential contenders combined. >> and, jon, i expect you are right. we thank you so much and now lets turn to amy with this morning's other top stories. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with new concern overnight about rising gas prices after a massive explosion at this exxonmobil refinery near los angeles. the blast so powerful it was equal to a 1.7 magnitude earthquake melting steel and coating buildings in ash. four workers were injured. gas prices could spike as much as 15 cents in california because of production delays.
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and drivers across the country already paying more to fill up. overnight, aaa reported a 21-cent increase since this time last month. and now to the war against isis. president obama addressing criticism for not using the term islamic extremists. at a white house meeting the president insisted isis fighters are not religious leaders but rather terrorists who have perverted islam. he called on moderate muslims to speak out against terrorism. and hundreds of people attended a vigil for slain hostage kayla mueller in her hometown in arizona. the american aid worker was killed while being held by isis. mueller's brother says he has a hole in his soul that will never be replaced. and new trouble in the standoff with russia. ukraine's president is calling for an international peacekeeping mission in eastern ukraine after pro-russian rebels captured a key town despite their cease-fire agreement. and the las vegas family at the center of a deadly case of road rage is now returning thousands of dollars in
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donations. they actually shut down the website set up after tammy meyers was shot and killed as outrage donors called them liars. the family initially had said that an angry driver followed meyers home but now police says meyers was shot after she dropped off her daughter and went looking for the driver with her son armed with a gun. well a manhunt is under way as an inmate escaped from a jail caught on camera. watch as the prisoner runs out of the cleaning closet just as a worker opens the door. there he goes. police say he had crawled through the ceiling. he was facing burglary charges. the sheriff blames budget cuts for a lack of guards. well, if you want to feel good about your health and your family and your job, apparently you should head to alaska. the annual so-called well-being study ranks the frontier state number one. hawaii was second. south dakota, third. researchers define well-being as how people feel about their daily lives.
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and finally, an incredible bird's-eye view. take a look at who walked in front of this webcam at levi stadium. you think that's funny. wait, it gets funnier. the camera was set to track construction work but instead it chronicled this raven. very nice. only we could hear those pipes. no word if this raven was inspired by this seagull we recently showed you who likes to walk behind news anchors. >> it was just an excuse to show that. >> those birds are hams. >> it was just an excuse to show that. >> so funny. >> giant seagull. >> i had a spider behind me before which is fun and frightening. >> scary. >> you just freaked out my daughter ellie. you know that story was for the birds, this story is for the dogs because police, yes, police in chicago are hunting for two men who stole a doggie day care van with six dogs inside.
7:16 am
their owners are desperate to get the dogs back and abc's reena ninan has the story. >> the driver was armed with a blue steel handgun and they fled southeast on milwaukee. six dogs are in that van. >> i just want my dog back. >> reporter: this morning an all-out manhunt for these six dogs and the men who stole them leaving their owners worried sick. >> i was so surprised that someone would take a van full of little dogs. >> reporter: police say the pups were inside a van like this one when two armed men stole the van, sped off in the river west neighborhood of chicago. >> everybody's heart is just aching right now. >> reporter: joseph giannini owns urban out sitters and says the driver was taking the dogs home for the day during rush hour traffic when the robber struck. >> it was just that fast. >> reporter: the dogs, scarlet, jaydn, kayla, mochi, busy and even a cutie named brad pitt. >> i got a text from my wife saying that our dog had been kidnapped and i'm like -- i
7:17 am
couldn't even comprehend what that meant. >> reporter: their main concern. >> i'm worried about him in this cold weather. >> we really want the van to be left somewhere in an area that people will hear the dogs barking or even see the van. >> reporter: hopeful that these dogs will have their day. >> we'll find their dogs and get their dogs back to them. >> police say a witness actually tried to stop the two men but backed off when one man flashed a gun. police at this hour on the hunt for a 2002 silver chrysler town & country van with illinois plates. >> get those dogs back. >> heartbreaking. >> who does that, really? >> thank you, reena. so, ginger, we're coming back to you and we know what it means, another storm. >> i can't get over that. otis used to go to urban out sitters. i hope they get the dogs back. places are in the midsouth imprisoned by ice and another storm coming. let's take that picture. this is north carolina and that is all ice. you can see it on the bottom of the bench there in the
7:18 am
foreground but all the hills rolling behind and hendersonville, north georgia, a lot of pictures coming in like that, and winter storm watch, arkansas through memphis, nashville and just north of atlanta and into north carolina. more coming for friday through the weekend. so how much more? we're worried about ice through most of tennessee back through northeastern arkansas especially. your local weather forecast coming up in 30 seconds. but this morning's cold cities brought to you by royal caribbean. >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area forecast. we have low clouds and fog until
7:19 am
11 o'clock and sunshine and high clouds and warmer-than-average today through saturday. cooler for oscar sunday. but no rain with the transition. possibly rain next week in the forecast. as far as today, mid-to-upper 60s and a sprinkle of 70s inland and low 60 at the coast. the seven-day forecast shows we are warm. until oscar sunday and we are four to six degrees >> and i had to leave you with this. fall streaks is the name. but fonzie just gave me an idea to stand here. i look like an angel. do i? >> oh, you do. >> or birdman, one of the two. >> thank you, ginger. >> go with angel. coming up, the latest on the american sniper trial. the killer's former girlfriend testifying about his behavior the morning of the murders. also ahead, kurt busch's ex opening up for the first time. what she's now saying about his alleged violent outbursts. it's an abexclusive. plus, vanilla ice arrested accused of burglary.
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♪ whoa ♪ ♪ when i wake up in the morning to the clear blue sky ♪ ♪ turn up the music when i hop in the ride ♪ ♪ i'm the bomb and about to blow up... ♪ the new work collection. perfected. by white house black market. and just ahead on "gma," the latest on the american sniper trial. the killer's sister on the stand. and we are counting down to the oscars this morning with a look at the nominees before they were stars. can you guess who this little girl is? good morning i'm eric thomas. developing news in san jose. police announcing a short time ago they made an arrest following a double shooting inside a sports bar. that it happened around 10:00
7:25 am
last night. paramedics rushed two men to the hospital. there's no word on their condition. detectives are still work rg to find out what led up to the shooting. let's get a check on the commute. >> so close to friday, but no. weekend for us here. we can see that we have some brake light brake lights up ahead. we're going to swing the camera around and look at the northbound traffic. not too bad. let's go to the maps because we have a problem here right at 680. it's gumming up the commute there. when we come back, me
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or the weather window is open from the east bay hills cam.
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good morning, america. right now, more than half the country under the grip of bitter cold. 27 states on alert this morning. windchills more than 30 below. also right now, the sister of chris kyle's killer taking the stand in the american sniper trial. nascar champion kurt busch's ex-girlfriend opening up about her restraining order against him in an abc news exclusive. good morning, america. so much to get to this morning. and more than 24 million people tuned in on sunday night to watch that "saturday night live" anniversary special. we've been talking about it all week. it was really funny but we are now learning some behind-the-scenes secrets and amy's got them for us in social square. >> that's right. one of the big mysteries of the night was eddie murphy's appearance. we're going to tell you why it was so short and so somber.
7:31 am
we know why this morning and we'll have that for you in just a bit. >> a lot of information coming in on twitter. thank you, amy. we'll begin with the american sniper trial. the killer's sister and former girlfriend took the stand yesterday detailing eddie routh's history of erratic behavior. abc's ryan owens has the latest. >> my brother just came by here. he told me that he's committed a murder. >> reporter: the frantic voice behind that call belongs to this woman and wednesday she testified for her younger brother's defense. laura blevins telling the jury eddie routh came to her house just after he killed american sniper chris kyle and his friend chad littlefield two years ago. she testified when she asked why he was driving kyle's pickup he told her "i sold my soul for a new truck." she responded, i love but hate your demons. she and her husband both called 911. >> he says that he killed two guys. they went out to a shooting range. like he's all crazy. he's psychotic.
7:32 am
>> he was recently diagnosed ptsd. >> okay, okay. >> reporter: routh, a marine veteran is pleading not guilty by reason of insanity and his ex-girlfriend jennifer weed who testified wednesday may have done more to help that defense than any other witness. she says she argued with him the morning of the murders. the night before she sayshe was paranoid and hadn't showered in weeks. they are listening to us he told her. and asked her to write down her thoughts so the government wouldn't hear them. weed also told the jury that two weeks before that routh held her and her roommate hostage with a decorative ninja sword and butcher knife and said people are out to get us. we need to stay in the apartment. routh was arrested and put back in a mental hospital. he was released the week before the murders. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news stephenville texas. >> ryan, thank you. michael, i know you have that big exclusive with kurt
7:33 am
busch's ex-girlfriend. >> yes, you know kurt busch is one of the top drivers in nascar who earned the nickname the outlaw. in a court this week a judge granted a restraining order to his ex patricia driscoll after she accused him of domestic violence. this morning she's speaking out for the first time. >> i never saw some of the warning signs. >> reporter: it's a case that made national headlines, patricia driscoll claiming her ex-boyfriend nascar star kurt busch assaulted her in september. busch testified he was the one that should be afraid. busch's defense team showed this and testified driscoll boasted of being a trained assassin. he said some things about you in his testimony to the court and said you were a government assassin. now, i'm here to ask you are you an assassin? >> do you feel threatened by me right now? >> it's a big accusation. woo avenue heard people be
7:34 am
called a lot of things. >> i'm from west texas. i grew up shooting guns. i own a defense company. you know, i heard some of the most ridiculous accusations in the four days of testimony and it was just -- i can't -- i can't even describe to you how hard it is to sit there and listen to these lies being told about you when you're sitting -- and you can't say anything. >> reporter: the he said/she said court battle was spurned by that court battle in september but driscoll said that wasn't the first time. was there ever any prior incident of violence between the two of you? >> yeah. 2012. 2012 is really bad year. >> reporter: driscoll told me and testified in court that busch had been violent once before in 2012. >> we ended up working it out. >> reporter: busch's attorney told us that allegation of violence in 2012 is quote, flatly untrue. driscoll said their relationship
7:35 am
was fine for two more years until this past september on the 26th she drove to see busch with her 9-year-old son after she claims he texted her an her son was in the front of the motor home while she and kurt were alone in the back. >> he didn't look like himself and long story short he was saying some really weird and crazy things very paranoid and he grabbed me by the throat with one hand with the other hand he grabbed my face and he smashed my head into the wall three times. >> was there any warning something like this could happen? >> no way because if i had thought for one second that he was still angry or crazy i never would have even come there. not even if he's sending me these distressed texts because i'm not going to put myself or my son in a situation of danger. that's not the kind of mom i am. >> what was going through your mind after this happened to you? >> shock.
7:36 am
you just can't believe that someone that you love who you spent four years with could hurt you like this. it's unbelievable. i pushed his hands away and i ran out of there. >> reporter: busch has denied the assault allegations all along. his attorney tells us did not commit domestic violence and he plans to appeal the order of protection. he's also planning on competing this weekend in the daytona 500. one of nascar's biggest races worth more than $1 million to the winner. nascar issued a statement after the court's decision saying it would await the full finalings of the commissioner and any actions by the attorney general of delaware related to the allegations against busch and that it fully recognizes the serious nature of this specific situation and the broader issue of domestic violence. let's talk about the nascar's reaction to this whole incident. >> as a sport and the statements that they've made i'm very disappointed. >> you don't think --
7:37 am
>> in their reaction. >> what do you want and hope this all ends up being? >> there's got to be a way to protect our victims better and the other thing for the sports to take a stand. it's the biggest highest rated shows that are out there. why not take that as an opportunity to say, no more. like the nfl has and say, we are not going to accept domestic violence in our sport. >> this story is a long way from over and, you know nascar she wants a big reaction from nascar. nascar is waiting to see if the delaware attorney general is going to press criminal charges against kurt busch so this is a long way from over. >> similar situation in the nfl for nascar. big decision ahead. thanks very much. ginger i like what you got there. you're always hitting us hard at 7:00 then give us relief at 7:30. >> don't forget. never forget because this morning chicago, louisville lexington all breaking record subzero temperatures but not in san diego. this is -- jim grant gives us a plethora of pictures.
7:38 am
so thank you. this is fog and this will change the pattern into the weekend. as we head there things are changing. you will run into dense fog advisories from anaheim down to chula vista and mild though in the southwest. san diego will go to 66. yuma to almost 90. las vegas almost 80 and reno 68 so that's where you find some of the warmer weather then through the weekend the fog bills so too does the cloud cover. even a few showers san diego up good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco and it is a gray start but we have high clouds to end and hazy sunshine, and low 60 at the coast and low-to-upper 60s for the rest us. the seven is warmer-than-average until oscar >> all that weather brought to you by almay and the next question when does it end? and it looks really long. all the way through the end of next friday we're below average east of the rockies.
7:39 am
>> no? >> we'll get braced for it. >> i'll keep bringing pictures. the new health alert with people with peanut allergies. the spice that could trigger a deadly reaction. vanilla ice arrested for burglarizing a home. what he's saying now. almay celebrates the true spirit of american beauty. which rises from the heart of our great country... dreams are born. hopes fly high... we love this country with a passion. you can see the pride in our eyes. read the joy on our faces. hear the love on our lips. we create products that deliver an effortless beauty look. genuine and glowing with confidence. almay. simply american.
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we're back now at 7:43 with rapper vanilla ice free on bond this morning after being arrested in florida on charges of burglary and grand theft. theft, the dyi expert accused of stealing bikes, a pool heater next to a home he was renovating. mara schiavocampo has the story. >> and now we're making it watertight. >> reporter: on his show for the diy network rapper -- ♪ ice ice baby" -- turned renovator vanilla ice spruces up and sells houses but this morning he could be headed for the big house arrested wednesday
7:44 am
for burglary and grand theft. >> listen guys i can't talk about that now. it's just out of proportion. >> reporter: ice whose real name is robert van winkle speaking with reporters after being released on bond. he was involved in the theft of several items from this foreclosed home adjacent to a house he was renovating. according to police furniture, a pool heater and bicycles were snagged from the home in florida, sometime between last december and this month and that several of the stolen items were recovered at a residence under his care and control. >> it'll all get cleared up. you'll see. >> reporter: is this part of the reality show at all? >> i wish it was. ♪ if there was a problem i'll solve it ♪ >> reporter: the rapper who shot to fame in with his hit "ice ice baby" has had legal issues in the past. but has recently made a name for himself on reality tv with a love for real estate and renovating homes. a passion he shared with our
7:45 am
lara spencer. >> never in a million years did i think i would even be doing this and i don't care. no shame in my game. i love it. >> reporter: police says ice has been cooperative and will appear in court later today. in a statement the diy network tells abc news it has been made aware of this situation and is currently looking into the matter. this ice now in hot water. for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo abc news, new york. >> all right, so a lot of questions to be answered there. we will find out. but coming up here why your girl scout cookies may arrive a little late this year. and it's all about the thin mints. >> it always is. >> it really is. >> that's kind of upsetting me already. and those behind-the-scenes secrets from the "saturday night live" special. the mystery of eddie murphy's appearance revealed. that you might be at the corner of "looking for a good deal" and "sheesh, i wish i'd looked some more."
7:46 am
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in our house, we do just about everything online. and our old internet just wasn't cutting it. so i switched us from u-verse to xfinity. they have the fastest, most reliable internet. which is perfect for me, because i think everything should just work. works? works. works! works? works. works. welcome back to "gma." and we're going to go to amy in the social square with "the speed feed." amy. >> that's right, michael. trending overnight the super moon and some inside info on superstars. a behind-the-scenes look at the blockbuster "saturday night live" 40th anniversary special that more than 24 million people
7:50 am
watched. overnight "snl" anumber norm macdonald revealing inside information on eddie murphy's 70-second appearance which was surprisingly short and serious. well macdonald's tweets say he was asked to do an impression of bill cosby but he said no in the 11th hour reportedly causing last-minute behind-the-scenes drama. keenan thompson eventually stepping in his place as cosby in "celebrity jeopardy." but what he had to say through a time line on twitter. he said we talked in his dressing room a good hour. when it's over i'm convinced he'll do it. he knew the laughs would bring the house down. eddie murphy knows what will work on "snl" better than anyone but then macdonald goes on to tweet eddie decides the laughs are not worth it. he will not kick a man when he is down. tell us what's in your feed and tweet us with the #socialsquare. this was the first time he had been in studio 8h in 30 years. it was short but certainly had an impact.
7:51 am
>> may have had an bigger impact than the joke itself. >> i respect that decision. coming up neil patrick harris opening up to jimmy kimmel about the one thing making him nervous before sunday's big oscars show. >> only one thing? >> wow. >> he'll be great. coming up "good morning america's" "deals & steals" brought to you by bank of america. use your bankamericard cash rewards credit card for these deals and earn cash back.
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7:56 am
good morning. i'm eric thomas. first, a look at the weather. >> we'll start with the chinese new year and look at what's going to happen down here. 59 degrees at 11:00. warming to 60 under hazy sunshine and high clouds. mid- to upper 60s. possibly some 70s. the seven-day forecast warmer than average through saturday. a dry cold front for sunday. dry again through next week. we're taking a look at 360 cam northbound o 101. we just passed the expressway and the airport. we're heading up to the south
7:57 am
bay freeway. it looks like traffic there is pretty nice. as we move in the southbound direction, you can see traffic pretty thin. i want to show you the maize where it looks like traffic is thinning out. that's coming up in my next report. the news continues now with "good morning america." female announcer: through sunday, save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. and of course, free same-day delivery. but hurry! sleep train's presidents' day sale ends sunday. yoplait greek 100. for when you just can't make it without a protein-packed, thick and creamy, power-me-up-with-something filling taste-bud-loving, satisfaction by the spoonful, deliciously fruity
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m., and it's our ultimate countdown to oscar sunday. we are celebrating throwback thursday with the stars so can you guess who these academy award nominees were before they hit the big screen? plus, what oscar host neil patrick harris says is his biggest fear about sunday's show. ♪ am i wrong ♪ and actress kristen bell taking on parents who don't vaccinate their kids. the serious measures she's going to to protect her own children. ♪ we'll be safe and sound ♪ major medical warning. the fda issuing an important peanut allergy alert. the common spice contaminated with peanuts. what you need to know right now. ♪ it started with a whisper ♪ and behind the beauty counter. cosmetics samples that could make you sick. we investigate and tell you why you should think twice before
8:01 am
using those try-me testers. ♪ bang bang the room ♪ all that and our oscars game show on the go rolls on as we say -- >> one, two, three. >> all: good morning, america! >> whoo! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ and a good crowd out there in times square despite the cold, and, boy, there's cam mathison. doesn't matter how cold it is wherever he is, he's with "gma" on the go. he is hyped up wearing his oscar tux. >> yeah. >> we'll be talking to him in a little bit. >> he has a little something his step. looking good. he took over for t.j. holmes who hit the road earlier from times square bringing our oscars excitement to viewers who got on board to test out their movie knowledge, take home prizes and he handed the baton off, and nowcontinues the movie magic. >> that's right. cam has actually taken the wheel bringing the red carpet to those excited fans and we can't wait to find out where he is and why he chose that location. >> and there's tory johnson,
8:02 am
tory johnson is here. she's in times square out there hanging out with the crowd trying to stay warm trying to look warm, but i don't think it's working. she has incredible "deals & steals" so you can give yourself the star treatment just in time for oscar sunday. >> that is coming up in a little bit. let's get some news first from amy. >> good morning. good morning, everyone. we begin with that dangerous arctic air ginger has been telling us about spreading from north to south. the mercury reading 13 below in parts of minnesota. windchill advisories have been issued in 27 states. schools from chicago to cleveland to pittsburgh are all closed. even florida is expecting record low temperatures. in new england, the big worry is roof collapses with more snow and rain on the way near boston, snow fell off the roof of a skating rink burying five people up to their chest. thankfully they are all okay. and the extreme cold forced 500 students at the university of buffalo to sleep in this basketball arena overnight. cots were set up after a power outage left the dorms without
8:03 am
heat. our other big story this morning, nearly 200 patients at a los angeles hospital have been warned they may have been exposed to a so-called superbug bacteria. the patients at ucla's ronald reagan medical center may have been contaminated through contaminated medical scopes. seven tested positive and two deaths linked to that bacteria. home testing kits are being offered to determine if others are affected. and an alert for millions of americans with peanut allergies. the fda is urging allergy sufferers to stay away from cumin because several shipments of that spice have tested positive for peanuts, and it wasn't listed on the label. cumin is often used in tex-mex and indian dishes. severe peanut allergies can be deadly for kids and adults. some new insight into the modern american family. a survey finds this morning that about 15% of today's stay-at-home parents are dads and the survey found
8:04 am
big changes in the average family with men now spending an average of four hours more per week on child care than they did back in 1965 and 5 hours more on housework each week. all right. well, a big mess in hollywood after a water main break sent 100,000 gallons of water gushing through the street streets submerging cars and flooding basements. the pipe that burst, edgeinstalled back in 1926. one of many aging pipes across l.a. well, fans of girl scout cookie may have to wait a bit longer to get their deliveries. the scouts say there is a shortage of thin mints in some areas and that is delaying all cookie orders to those customers until the bakery catches up. thin mints account for about one-fourth of all sales. and finally, we can't help but give a big congratulations to one of our own. george took home the top award at last night's national press foundation dinner. he was recognized for his extraordinary energy and insight. i would like add to that intellect and wit. >> wow. >> yes. >> thank you, guys.
8:05 am
[ applause ] that was some picture too. hu huh? >> you look really happy. >> it captures the moment. >> it did. >> in a way i can't describe. >> you just did. the national press foundation they do great work training journalists all over the world. thank you very much. "pop news" and weather coming up. michael in the social square. >> congratulations to you on that award. nobody deserves it more than you, my friend. now, here's a look at what's ahead on the "gma morning menu" in the social square powered by samsung galaxy. in "pop news," one thing making neil patrick harris nervous about hosting the oscar. i never thought he would get nervous doing anything. plus, actress kristen bell taking a stand on vaccines. what she's doing to protect her kids. and can't wait to catch up with cameron mathison. he's bringing the red carpet to some lucky viewers with our "gma" game show on the go. it looks like he's got some serious star power with him right now. all that and becky worley is here. she takes us behind the beauty bar coming up live on "gma" in times square.
8:06 am
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8:11 am
oscars host, neil patrick harris, stopped by our friend jimmy kimmel's show last night and the host with the most revealed he's psyched for the big show, but there is one thing that's making him kind of nervous and surprisingly enough it's not the actors. >> yeah, it's cool to see brad pitt, oh, my gosh. that's brad pitt but next to him is steven spielberg and he's giving you the -- [ laughter ] >> you know, all those directors in the audience, they can be intimidating kind of like working here but don't worry, neil. i'm not worried about neil. we think you'll do just fine and i'll give you two giant thumbs up. >> yeah. >> how about that my friend? >> robin is talking to him for tomorrow's show. ? yeah, she is. >> find out a lot more. we heard a lot about oscar nominee bradley cooper's incredible workout routine to get in shape for "american sniper." now the star's acting guru is sharing how cooper mentally prepared telling "the
8:12 am
hollywood reporter" that her techniques helped the actor get through the inner layers of chris kyle and one way she helped him open up over the years of having him record his dreams for a week, which seems very -- it's hard for me to remember my dreams but had him record his dreams for a week hoping one of his dream ss might come true this sunday if he dreamed about the oscars if he receives one at 7:00 p.m. eastern here on abc. >> no. i always think i need to. right away when you make up you might have a glimpse. >> sometimes you'd rather not. >> more in naps than at sleeping at night. >> just don't talk in your sleep or your spouse will remember. getting james bond's license to kill is like having a license to succeed in hollywood and rumors are swirling about who will be the next 007. former bond pierce brosnan said in a recent interview he thinks idris elba would be a good fit. as the debonair super secret agent. super service agent and he was great in "luther."
8:13 am
he's incredible. i think that's a good choice or he said perhaps colin salmon, brosnan's co-star from "the world is not enough" and "die another day." very interesting choices but in the meantime, while we figure that out daniel craig isn't handing over the mi6 gadgets just yet. he is currently filming "specter" and is expected to complete one more bond film after that. >> hard thing to give up. right? >> hard thing to give up. >> he does it well. >> he's good at it. >> yeah. >> but it's a very physical role and i can see how guys after doing so many say, hey, let somebody else take over. >> i can think of someone who would be a good bond too. >> george would be incredible. >> exactly what i was -- >> george, give us one of these. just one time. that's "pop news." >> that's as close as it's going to get. >> you tried. >> ginger has a check of the weather. >> let's hear it. yeah, i'll get them started because it sounds -- i need the energy. we needed to stay warm. what's your name? >> mackenzie. >> mackenzie says this is nothing.
8:14 am
she's from rochester, new york. and a lot of people are waking up and saying doesn't it kind of feel like siberia with this air? guess what, places in minnesota are 42 below and the air is coming from siberia, so you're not -- you can actually say that without joking. it's called the siberian express. it's how that air moves over the pole and look at this the temperatures these are temperatures this morning, 1 for st. louis. nashville tied a record. we're going to check on that. louisville certainly broke one. detroit is 5 below this morning. chicago did drop to 8 below and pittsburgh, 0 at this hour. it's like siberia and this is nothing. this is 15 degrees warmer than we are tomorrow so enjoy. all right. >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area forecast. we have low clouds and fog until 11 o'clock and sunshine and high clouds and warmer-than-average today through saturday. cooler for oscar sunday. but no rain with the transition.
8:15 am
possibly rain next week in the forecast. as far as today, mid-to-upper 60s and a sprinkle of 70s inland and low 60 at the coast. the seven-day forecast shows we are warm. until oscar sunday and we are four to six degrees >> okay, we have michele from dayton here. she has a question. >> brandon, want to go to turn about with me? >> no pressure brandon. okay, let's get back inside. >> turn about? >> must be a dance or something. >> good luck. >> we'll see what he's going to say. >> we'll kick off our "heat index" now. kristen bell taking a strong stand on vaccines. the mother of two kids under 2 says she won't let friends hold her new baby unless they're up to date on their shots. abc's abbie boudreau has the story. >> that's the beauty of blackmail. >> reporter: actress and mother of two, kristen bell not holding back about her pro-vaccine beliefs. >> i just don't want to leave moaning on the table because you can't get past it. >> reporter: the "house of lies" actor telling "the hollywood reporter" she won't allow her unvaccinated friends near her
8:16 am
babies. bell who gave birth to daughter delta in december telling the magazine over the weekend that after the birth of her first daughter "we simply said to friends you have to get a whooping cough vaccination if you are going to hold our baby." >> the whooping cough epidemic was on the rise and wasn't interested in taking any chances. >> reporter: the star adding she and her husband comedian shepard plan to do the same thing with their newborn baby telling the magazine it's a very simple logic. i believe in trusting doctors, not know-it-alls. the 34-year-old straight talker taking her frustration to twitter recently retweeting this pro-vaccine comment which says something for anti-vac parents 2 think about. if there were a peanut allergy vaccine created would you give it to your kids? the outspoken funny parents clearly seeing this as no laughing matter. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> thanks to abbie for that. dr. richard besser
8:17 am
is back, and you approve. >> i do. we vaccinate for a couple of reasons. one is to protect ourselves or our children but also to protect those around us who can't be protected and children when they're first born, they're too young to get a lot of the vaccines, and they're protected by those who are taking care of them being vaccinated. >> we're getting a lot of questions on twitter as you know and all coming out of the measles outbreak. jennifer green wants to know, my 3-year-old was vaccinated against mmr but how protected is she. >> after that first dose 90% of kids protected against measles. not until the second dose do you get up to 99%. if you're in an area where measles is going on, you don't have to wait until you're 4 as long as it's 28 days after the dose of the first you can get your second measles shot. >> space it a little and brenda's question, is there any merit to splitting up the 12-month shots for babies? >> a lot of parents have been thinking about this. they don't like the number of shots a child gets and no one likes to give a
8:18 am
lot of shots to a child but when you space them out what you're doing is saying that your child is going to be at risk of this disease longer than they need to be. measles, the reason we wait until 12 months, before that there are protective factors from the mom that interfere with the vakts seen, so that's the earliest where you start to get vaccination. you start to get protection. if you wait beyond that you're putting them at high risk. >> you're turning one bad day into four bad days. >> exactly. get them over with. give them medicine for the pain and fever and then maybe the next visit they won't get any shots. >> okay, and you're going to take questions throughout the morning on twitter. >> i will. >> to lara. next on our "gma heat index" we're going behind the beauty bar, putting those makeup testers at the cosmetics counter to the test. so, when you try out that sample lotion or the lipstick, you may actually be getting more than you bargained more and abc's becky worley is here with all the details. i'm almost afraid to ask. what did you find? >> good morning, lara. makeup is notoriously hard to buy, should i get this foundation, or is this one the correct shade for my skin?
8:19 am
well, you should go to the makeup store and try them on to find out, right? maybe not. makeup, 50 shades of everything. should i buy cranberry red or petal pink? well, that distinction you can see, but with makeup testers, it's what you can't see that could actually make you sick. we went undercover to six locations from high-end department stores to discount retailers and swab testers, lipstick, mascara, foundation, and face creams to see if there are any worrisome germs and bacteria you may be putting on your skin. this says, try me. people have definitely tried it. i asked this salesperson how i could test a lip gloss color. >> you could try it. >> okay. >> reporter: she used a separate applicator but from a tester off the floor that she admits others could double dip in. >> so we never know if someone does try it so -- >> reporter: the salespeople
8:20 am
generally practice good hygiene. >> we don't double dip. >> reporter: but another sent us home with samples of face cream that she dug out of the half empty tester that was out on the floor. >> thank you. we thank you. >> reporter: yuck. we sent all our swabs to the microbiology lab at new york-presbyterian columbia. >> makeup are all perfect opportunities for bacteria to grow. >> reporter: eew. of the 25 samples, 9 tested positive for bacteria. it looks gross. it's mostly bacteria that we would find in everyday life that could be harmful to some people. but three other results got doctor wittier's attention. would any of these make us sick? >> we found three samples that were only growing yeast so that was worrisome. if you're putting a product on your face that has yeast, that could definitely cause some kind of skin infection. >> reporter: she says infections like rashes and the dreaded pink eye. these three concerning results come from lotion samples.
8:21 am
imagine you rub it on in the store on your hands, and then a few minutes later you rub your eyes. yikes. dr. wittier's advice, leave the testers alone. >> i would never use a free sample in any kind of makeup store, whether it's high-end, whether it's low-end, you just don't know who's had their finger in there. >> that just sounds gross. you just don't know, but then how do you find out what color is right? how do you test? >> well i just want to let you know i brought some here for you to test right here. no? no you don't want it? good girl. you listened. here's what you got to do. first of all, you know, there are a lot -- when you go to the beauty place, ask a sales associate. that's why they're there, they're trained in hygienic practices, and they have their own makeup stashes behind the counter. then you want to use single-use pumps if you're going to try a foundation, not something that's like in a flat thing where you put your fingers in it. >> yep. >> you want to definitely try and stay away from the eyes and
8:22 am
the mouth. that's probably the most important thing if you have to try something on. >> try it on your hands. >> try it on your hands but then don't use that lotion because then you rub it on your face. >> all right. a lot to think about. great tips. becky, we thank you and we're going to michael now. >> all right. thank you, lara. this week is all about hollywood with the oscars coming up. and if you want to feel like a star, these "deals & steals" are for you. tory johnson has found the celebrity favorites that will help you shine. so, tory, how are you, first of all? >> i'm great. >> what do we have? >> so first up don't you love our fancy set, by the way. very fabulous around here. >> we're branching out. >> okay, so spin this around. now, on the red carpet you'll see it's all about the bag. you'll see lots of clutches but for everyday -- >> i heard it was all about the bass. but, okay. >> exactly. that too. so bags, tote bags, there are so many amazing ones you'll be able to choose from here from thursday friday. really amazing prices, as well. not just the assortment you see
8:23 am
but a big assortment you'll find online, normally $40 to $114, slashed by 65%. so really $14 to 40 bucks. >> 14 bucks. >> wow. >> really good. >> so next up, who needs harry winston when you can have alex and ani? is this what makes you feel like a star every day? one of the hottest jewelry brands in the country. it is a "gma" favorite and what i love is today we have the biggest selection that we have ever offered of alex and ani. so you'll really get to go to town on this. huge assortment. all about radiating positive energy. i love it. normally $28 to $98. with this selection slashed in half, so just starting at 14 bucks today. got to love that. okay. >> wow. >> so give your hair the royal treatment. this is from carol's daughter. there are four different products that have in it this
8:24 am
monoi oil that's made from gardenia. it's restorative, repairing, does all kinds of good things for your hair. shampoo, conditioner. there's an anti-break ageage spray, a mask. really you can give your hair the royal treatment with that. normally $20 to $32, slashed in half, 10 to 16 bucks. love that. so this one is the big talk of the studio. this company is called feeling smitten. it is a bath and body bakery so all of the products are baked goods inspired or sweets inspired like that little cupcake. so you just peel off the paper, plop that in the bath and -- >> you peel off the paper. >> peel off the paper. you can do a little bit of work. you can do a little bit of work. there's amazing salt ss and sugar scrubs, bath balms. fun stuff for yourself or to pamper a friend if you're interested. amazing prices on these too. normally $6 to $21 slashed in half, so $3 to $10.50 for some gorgeous pampering. it was an oprah favorite.
8:25 am
it'll be a "gma" favorite too. >> all right. >> then last but not least, from -- so activewear, right. so every tar is working out before they're walking that red carpet. you can do it every day too. you do it every day already. right? you don't need any more of that. leggings, capris, exactly. big assortment from heather thompson. perfect. >> it's a lot different. i do like the band at the top. >> oh you do? excellent. >> i'm not going to wear it. i was just saying. >> starting at $38, these are slashed at least in half so $19 to $39 plus free shipping. >> it's amazing. you continue to do this, tory. thank you and thank all the companies out there for providing these great deals. you can get the links and codes for these deals, plus three bonus offers that are only on our website so all that you have to do is go to on yahoo! and that's it. you're in the bonus. coming up, we're counting down to oscar sunday with a look at some of the nominees before they were stars. you don't want to miss that.
8:26 am
this is great. ♪ let me take you there ♪ "good morning america's" "deals & steals" is brought to you by bank of america. use your bankamericard cash rewards credit card for these deals and earn cash back.
8:27 am
developing news in san jose, police revealed this morning they made an arrest following a double shooting inside a sports bar. that shooting happened inside the sports bar around 10:00 last night. paramedics rushed two men to the hospital. no word on their condition. detectives are still working to find out what led to the shooting. we're using our 360 cam now. looking in the rear view mirror let's go to the maps and talk about your drive here. thinning out as you can see as it trickles in. that traffic is starting to empty out. southbound 680 some fog with delays. we'll check out your
8:28 am
8:29 am
good morning, the fog continues to blanket the area. livermore and santa rosa, a quarter mile. dangerous visibility there. if you're coming into the city at 11:00, we'll have lunar new year. it's at port smith square. 59 degrees warming to 61 by noon. temperatures will be around 63 in san francisco for a high. mid- to upper 60s for the rest
8:30 am
of us. 70s around livermore. ♪ i know your lies ♪ everybody out there in times square what are they pointing to. 2 degree windchill. it's above zero and they're a hearty bunch out there in times square this morning. >> they are hearty. thank you for being out there. thank you, cam mathison with our "gma" game show on the go. helping some lucky viewers along the way. they're all getting in on our movie-related games as we count down to oscar sunday. cam's spinning the wheel. it's called the swag wheel to be exact. and it'll determine this morning's big prizes. we will find out where he is just ahead, as well. >> we'll stick with the oscars right now because, you know we're all going to watch hollywood's biggest names on sunday but what were they like before they were stars? abc's chris connelly went back to find the performances you may have missed.
8:31 am
>> yeah people know who i am. >> reporter: proud pittsburgh native michael keaton began his career on "mr. rogers's neighborhood." in 1968 he was a $2 an hour stagehand for the kids show before winding up on camera. >> race cars and rattles. >> reporter: in 1999 bradley cooper's "sex and the city" character went from zero to 60 in his parked porsche with sarah jessica parker's carrie bradshaw. best actor nominee eddie redmayne pushed the limbs in "savage grace" opposite julianne moore. >> i was starting out. i had sort of no value as far as getting films made was concerned and she was very strong. she sweetly fought for me. >> reporter: she had to be strong to play twins on the soap opera "as the world turns." >> who are you? >> my name is frannie
8:32 am
>> steve carell's the most eligible bachelor. >> reporter: 20 years before "foxcatcher" earned him a best actor nod his "second city" skit included this. >> great. whenever i tell anybody this it's oh you're going to kill me. you know. >> reporter: this will kill you. >> why do you suppose i hurl the chair? >> reporter: "whiplash's" j.k. simmons from 1995 "the pirates of penzance" back in college. >> wasn't sure whether i was going to be a music teacher or this or that. >> i had private flying lessons. >> reporter: after her time in "the worst witch." felicity jones turned up in this uk ad. >> look at my skin. [ screaming ] >> reporter: look at the state of his and that is best supporting actress patricia arquette back in 1987 getting
8:33 am
chased by freddy krueger, another supporting actress nominee chasing oscar gold. >> as good as i am -- >> reporter: the little girl peeking over her shoulder with the ice cream cone. that's laura dern in martin scorsese's "alice doesn't live here anymore" beginning a 40-year journey that will bring her to the oscars on sunday. for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> yeah dig deep for that. that was obscure. steve carell looks exactly the same. >> he does. >> can't wait for more on that. tumblr are in the oscar spirit too and searched for the most talked about movies and rm poers and came up with ace user-favorite list. benedict cumberbatch as their best actor for "the imitation game." rose mupdz pike for "gone girl" and it goes to budapest hotel." now ginger with a final check of
8:34 am
the weather. >> they're saying it best right here. y'all, it is warmer in new york city than it is in tennessee right now. >> yes. >> you're from nashville and you know that's true but only for so long because if you stay tomorrow you'll get plenty cold. it's going to come right here. some of the photos this morning, david kahn from chicago always makes chicago look good even if it's subzero. how about that from hart. by the dunes and you see those wave clouds over -- so pretty. how about this do you think this is pretty everybody? see what that says below normal temperatures through next week and above average staying -- earlier this week seattle was breaking records and still pretty mild in the southwest. getting a little cooler as we go. look high today in rochester, 5. i can't even good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco and it is a gray start but we have high clouds to end and hazy sunshine, and low 60 at the coast and low-to-upper 60s for the rest
8:35 am
us. the seven is warmer-than-average until oscar >> i love taos new mexico. your name? >> matthew. >> hello. matthew. we're so happy you're freezing with us. guess what it is time to catch up with cameron mathison in our "gma" game show on the go. our red carpet surprising viewers with a chance to show off their movie knowledge and then win some great prizes. cameron, i see it's snowing where you are. you want to reveal where you are? >> yes, absolutely guys. let me tell you something, we could not think of a better place to bring our red carpet preparty than bernard's high school here in new jersey in honor of the person who's got more oscar nominations than any actor or actress in history. take a look. ♪ the "gma" oscar movie mobile
8:36 am
moves on. arriving at bernard's high school in bernardsville, new jersey. this is it. this is where meryl streep went to high school. where is everybody? come on out and join me? i brought the red carpet mobile. come on. [ bell rings ] now that's more like it. bernards high where she was homecoming queen and a cheerleader before becoming the most nominated actor in oscar history. >> who's ready for me to roll out the red carpet? [ cheers and applause ] here we go. walk the red carpet. sure. strut. >> now is your chance. one, two three. >> all: meryl streep! ♪ if you are one of the people to pull out a gold ticket you get to be a contestant in the game. >> all right. >> two faculty members joined the lucky tickets.
8:37 am
robin nichols who works in the office all three of her kids went to school there. how does it feel being on the red carpet. >> i love it. >> guidance counselor ashley janoski known as miss j. >> i'm an "american sniper" fan. how is my hair look? he's behind me. famous flashbacks. i'll pull out acting skills. i feel the need for speed. >> oh, my gosh. >> "top gun." >> yo adrian. adrian! >> getting very close. here we go. my momma always said -- >> "forrest gump." >> i didn't even finish the line. robin coming out on top scoring some jewelry and rapid-fire trivia with students for a chance to win a free movie theater. reese witherspoon starred in "wild." which one did you star in also "selma," "gone girl" or "into the woods." true or faust, george clooney is
8:38 am
nominated for an oscar this year? >> false. >> false is correct! and it was time to hit the road. i love giving away prizes. what can i tell you? i love it. in fact i'm having so much fun we have one more prize to give away and it is indeed going to be a flat screen tv, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] >> that is awesome news. i'm here with cameron who is u.s. history and economics teacher at bernards high and if you win it i hear it's coming at a good time. >> my tv has a huge crack in it so this is desperate. >> no pressure. you might have a tv to watch the oscars on. we'll play word scramble. i'll show you an oscar-themed scrammed word and give you a clue. you get that right, you are watching the oscars on a new flat screen tv. are you ready. >> i am. >> listen carefully. if meryl streep wins this year it will be her fourth oscar. what category is she nominated in? and here is the scrambled word.
8:39 am
what category? >> supporting actress. >> supporting actress! is correct. congratulations! cameron, this tv is yours. you're watching the oscars on a brand-new flat screen. congratulationses. >> thank you. >> so much fun here guys. back to you. >> congratulations to her. thank you so much cam. and by the way, head 0 tour website on yahoo! to test out your own movie knowledge with a very fun online quiz and coming up next the latest bridal trend making their way down the aisle. stay with us. nature valley crunchy granola bars give you energy from 1/3 of your daily whole grains. so 1/3 of this commercial is dedicated to what you could do with all that energy.
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8:42 am
all right, we're back. if you're getting married but want to wear something more daring than the traditional white gown you are in luck. we have seen bridal inspired jumpsuits and mini depresses and the new trend vow to be even more daring. here's melissa rycroft with a look. >> from elegant ball gowns to plunging v necks and color, color. even crop tops are making their way down the aisle. and the latest bridal trend is
8:43 am
offering brides a more casual route. bridal shorts. >> if there's ever a day where a woman has to express who she is through her sense of fashion it's her wedding day and it's not always a dress. >> we headed to kleinfeld's to check out the newest options with terry hall. how can you wear shorts rompers, all of that but still be a traditional bride. >> i don't think we're necessarily going to see a lot of brides walking down the aisle with shores. i will see them wearing it at the reception or if they're having a civil ceremony. maybe their outfit they don when going off to their honeymoon. you can do it dressy or more casual. >> do you think brides are pushing the envelope when it comes to their wedding day. >> i think so and we'll see more and more. no bride wants to have a who wore it better moment. with pinterest and social media everybody's pictures are everywhere and they want to look unique. >> we chatted with some brides-to-be to get their take on going short for your big day. we're here talking about the new
8:44 am
trend in bridal attire which is shorts, jumpsuits, all of that. >> i find shorts to be casual so not something that ever crossed my mind. >> destination, maybe. >> yes definitely. definitely for a destination wedding. >> when you hear shorts you it doesn't have to be casual. it depends on the fabrication, artistic detail. >> the tops. >> the top, accessories. >> shoes. >> ooh. let's play dress up. then it was time to relive my big day. for "good morning america," melissa rycroft, abc news, new york. >> looking good meliss. so many options so joining us to tell us about them is terry hall fashion director of kleinfeld. thanks for being with us. >> thank you, lara. excited to be here. >> i'm excited to talk about wedding shorts. never thought i'd say that. >> it's exciting. when people hear shorts they think very casual. i think you'll find you can have a formal look with a nice fabrication in short, as well. >> we have one coming here right now.
8:45 am
this is our first look. >> this is beautiful and lazaro. initially a three-piece suit a pants suit. we decided to make it into shores because we're seeing a trend so the kleinfeld alterations team made it into shorts. i think it's fun and great for the after-party or the reception. maybe for a civil ceremony or the honeymoon. fantastic but if you do decide to make your hook a little bit more custom make sure you don't skimp on the alterations and use someone who knows what they're doing? if we're going to go with shorts this is very -- looks like beautiful lace. >> it's -- i would say so. otherwise it will be so laid back. alencon lace and could put a chiffon bolero with it and dress it up with accessories and wear a statement piece are a necklace or make it as sparkly or dressy as you want. >> maybe destination wedding.
8:46 am
>> i think so. beautiful. >> there's one option america. then another option that's really you said selling very well which is the crop top for your wedding day. >> well you know these looks are about separates. what's really great when the bride invests in them they can reincorporate them back into their wardrobe. this is moonstone. haley page it's called cory which i think is beautiful so this trop top could be reincorporated back into her wardrobe worn to a cocktail or new year's eve which is absolutely stunning. i really love this look. >> it's very beautiful. looks very expensive too, i might add. i want to ask you a question about the back because i particularly it's lovely. is this for a younger bride? >> i would say for the most -- at least a bride in really good shape confident about her body. but i think it's really about the bride who feels like this is her sense of style. brides now i think are pushing the envelope because they have more options than ever. ten years ago it was always
8:47 am
about wearing a white dress and more tra tigsal but that's where the options lie. now they have options everywhere and have the chance to really express who they are. >> as you can see, options galore. thank you guys. shorts jumpsuits, crop tops you name it the bottom line is it's your day, anything goes. terry, we thank you. you be you. >> be you. >> you be you. that's terry from kleinfeld. we always having you guys. stay with us coming up how to eat like an oscar winner. cam mathison showing us what wolfgang puck is cooking up for this year's governor's ball.
8:48 am
hey, gracie... you know how our family has... daddy and mommy... and me! yeah, that's right. pretty soon... you're going to have a baby brother. ♪ ♪ and... a puppy. ♪ ♪ [ chuckles ] deal. ♪ ♪
8:49 am
and we are keeping that countdown going right now with
8:50 am
wolfgang puck. superstar chef always caters the famed governor's ball. cam mathison back working hard for us. what's on the menu so you can eat like an a-lister too. >> reporter: for over 20 years chef wolfgang puck has been feeding hollywood's brightest and hungryiest stars at the academy annual post-oscar celebration, the governor's ball. >> we all love your soup. >> i'm looking to feed a smaller crew oscar sunday, my family. >> smells good? so i took my wife vanessa to meet the master himself. >> oh, my god. look at that. >> nice to see you. wolfgang puck a sneak peek of the meal. crispy potato galette, smoked salmon chicken pot pie and chocolate mousse for dessert. >> we make it into the oscar shape. see that there. >> oh, my god. >> just a little like that. do you still feel pressure preparing this meal?
8:51 am
>> i cook everything at the last moment so an hour before they come out of the theater i get really nervous. >> can i have a bite? >> you can eat them all. mm-mm. next wolfgang's famous chicken pot pie. >> everybody wants it. i remember barbra streisand told me make sure you have your chicken pot pie. >> i have no excuses not to be helping at home. >> i totally agree. >> i'm going to add potatoes carrots is always nice because of the color and then some peas. we also add truffles. can you see this is a black truffle. we are in the luxury here. >> shouldn't have left us alone. should we steal some of this? >> can we just take that truffle home? >> don't take it. don't take it. >> now for dessert. >> now show you how to make a simple chocolate mousse. >> melted chocolate whipped cream. >> i like when you give all the cooking tips you look to vanessa here. >> how am i doing? >> better.
8:52 am
>> okay. so vanessa. >> look at that. >> what is a big celebration without champagne? >> got it. >> all right. got it. >> an oscar meal so easy that i'm not afraid to try to make it at home. >> yeah. >> look at that. you are a master chef now. look at the chicken pot pie. >> with a little help from my wife vanessa. for "good morning america," cameron mathison, abc news, los angeles. >> cheers. >> thank you, guys. we have the chicken pot pie right here. this is really good. >> really good. >> thank you, wolfgang. unless you made this, cam. >> and the salmon. >> also potato pancake. this is really hot but it's good. salmon. >> it's not going to stop us. >> it will not stop us. get the recipes, wolfgang's recipes and all the dishes from the governor's ball on yahoo! and the oscars are sunday night starting at 7:00 6:00 central on abc.
8:53 am
"gma's" countdown to oscar sunday is brought to you by jcpenney. when it fits, you feel it. female announcer: through sunday, save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. and of course, free same-day delivery. but hurry! sleep train's presidents' day sale ends sunday. yoplait greek 100. for when you just can't make it without a protein-packed, thick and creamy, power-me-up-with-something filling taste-bud-loving,
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satisfaction by the spoonful, deliciously fruity dinner feels a million years away grab and go, let's take on the world with 100 calories, snack yoplait greek 100. there are hundreds of reasons to snack on it.
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it's just weird, okay. weird. tomorrow on "gma" we're counting down to the oscars. robin is with neil patrick harris and we'll have predictions. >> friday eve, everyone. have a great one. (vo) at jennie-o, we heard of a place in iowa where every thursday people ride ten miles for tacos. we thought we'd show up and surprise them with a better kind of taco, made with jennie-o ground turkey, cooked thoroughly to 165. (mom) i'd feed my kids turkey tacos over regular tacos any day.
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good morning, let's check out your forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> thank you very much. good morning, everybody. tracking fog and thick fog especially inland through the morning hours. start starting to lift in most areas. we still have about one hour and four minutes arrival delays. that's at sfo. we're kicking off the lunar new year at 59 degrees up to 61. here's a look at your seven-day forecast, we're going to see temperatures drop dramatically by sunday. it's been a hazy drive for us. the eagle has landed in san francisco. you can see we're now making our way up to at&t park. we're looking at pretty heavy traffic there as you approach. your drive up to 280 at wingking
9:00 am
street not going to be a >> it's "live with kelly and michael." today from the series "the odd couple," matthew perry. and star of the new movie, "the duff," mae whitman. plus, one more gape, one more grand, one more chance to win as we wrap up the audience challenge all next on "live"! [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] >> now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [applause] ♪


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